Contamination and ongoing research: these are the keys that for Veronesi Architects office provide access to an innovative design dimension that can read and translate the cultural complexity of the modern world and the needs of a society that requires high quality for the building product, aesthetics and technical quality, well-being and serenity through the proper design of acoustic, hygrometric, lighting, structural and fire-fighting parameters and through the use of healthy and bio-ecological building materials.

Veronesi Architects loves consider architecture an artwork made of sophisticated technology, to reach through an integrated management of the architectural process: from the initial concept to the engineering final step, with the skills of a multi-professional and multi-specialized team.

The traditional approach progressing through steps not well related one to each other because of the absence of collaboration between the different professional consultants is passed from a multidimensional and interdisciplinary approach that constantly compares the problems resulting from the different approaches to architecture.

Veronesi Architects team makes a daily effort to update and research design and morphological solutions able to integrate the latest, intelligent, interactive and multi-sensory technologies with the criteria of the environmental sustainability and of the green and ecological architecture.

Results: projects, visions and researches generating solutions in which every point of view is variously questioned and every detail developed to dialog symbiotically with the real and intangible surroundings reality.